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The Success Smith App

The Success Smith App

Download The Success Smith App, where all of our courses and digital oracle cards are housed.

Take an empowering step towards personal and professional growth and download the app today.

The Daily Insight Journal Oracle Cards (Digital)

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The Daily Insight Oracle Card deck is your perfect daily journalling companion.

With over 200 journalling questions across 50 beautiful themed cards, you'll be able to access your highest wisdom and set each day off on the right footing.

The Daily Insight Journal Oracle Cards + On Demand Coaching

On Demand Coaching + Oracle Cards

Introducing the Daily Insight Oracle Card (Digital) deck, your ideal partner for daily journaling.

Featuring a collection of 50 stunningly themed cards and over 200 thought-provoking journaling prompts, this deck empowers you to tap into your inner wisdom and start each day with clarity and purpose.

Enhance your journaling experience by complementing it with On Demand Coaching, a holistic approach to setting yourself up for success and cultivating happiness.

The Daily Insight Journal Oracle Cards (Physical)

Victoria holding Oracle Cards

Presenting the Daily Insight Oracle Card deck in a tangible, physical format - perfect for individuals who enjoy offering readings to others, have a fondness for card decks, or simply relish moments of offline reflection.

This deck boasts a captivating ensemble of 50 themed cards and more than 200 stimulating journaling prompts, giving you access to your inner wisdom and fostering a daily beginning filled with clarity and intention.

We only have a handful of these special card decks, please get in touch if you'd like to secure one of these gorgeous decks for yourself or someone else!

Habits for Happiness Bootcamp Bundle

Habits for Happiness Bootcamp

It's never too late to make a change in your life, the first step is to take action.

If you didn't enrol in the live Bootcamp (which took place at the start of the year) but would still love to take part, then you'll want to take advantage of our Bootcamp Bundle where you'll receive: x5 videos and exercises, x2 Bonus live Q&A sessions and a demonstration of emotional release work PLUS an insane amount of content (+38 hours of masterclasses!).

Here's what one participant had to say about it:

"The habits for happiness bootcamp gave me some great insights to start thinking about a new approach to making positive changes in work and home life. Definitely made me want to find out more about how I can be the one to make changes, even when it feels like other people are putting blocks and barriers in my way. It starts with you! Also provided some tips to put into action immediately. Thanks Vicky, very insightful."

Mini Course Collection


Confidence Course-1

Does Imposter Syndrome live rent free in your head?

We have actionable steps to boost your confidence and tips to immediately up your game and eradicate your self doubt.

You'll have access to 3 hours worth of content; with bonus Masterclasses on: 'Confidence in Challenging Contexts' and 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome'.

Leadership Mindset

Leadership Mindset Course

Want to be an awesome leader?

This course is for you if you're either looking to step up into a senior role (but you've been too scared to go for it) or you simply want to become a memorable leader... for all the right reasons.

We'll cover: determining your leadership energy, the secret to being viewed as a leader, leadership power and SO much more!

Managing Stress

Managing Stress Course

Life is for thriving, not surviving.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unable to cope with life as it is - then it's time to do something about it.

This course will provide you with the tools to stay calm, composed and balanced. Through a mix of practical hacks, plus accessible breathing and meditation trainings, you'll be on the right track before you know it.

Handling Stakeholders

Handling Difficult Stakeholders Course

Need to learn how to manage a difficult co-worker? Or perhaps you're struggling in a toxic work environment?

Don't worry - I've got you! 

This course is the perfect toolkit to support and guide you through those tricky, anxious times. You'll receive actionable steps that you can immediately activate and put into practice.

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness Course

Are you a procrastinator? Maybe insanely indecisive?

Sharpen yourself up and learn how to make your life easier through simple and effective changes which will give you clarity - saving you time and energy.

This course will hold your hand and help you become a more efficient version of yourself.

Get Paid Your Worth

How to Position and Negotiate Your Value Course

Got a life changing meeting coming up?

Whether you're interviewing for a new job or seeking a promotion, this course will get you in the zone with helpful hacks to get what you deserve.

Hints include: identifying how you can support the business (and therefore be remunerated for your efforts), how to emit 'success' energy in interviews, plus more!

Masterclass Vault

Masterclass Vault

Gain access to our vault which houses a vast volume of incredible conversation, insight and value.

The categories of the sessions included in the vault are as follows:

  • Career Success Resources -11 hours
  • Confidence Resources over - 9 hours
  • How to Harness Subconscious Mind - almost 4.5 hours
  • Coping with Stress, Fear and Anxiety - almost 14 hours


One to One Coaching

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Dedicated one-to-one coaching from award winning Dr Victoria Stakelum will ensure a tailored package of support to meet with your specific challenges and requirements – including stress management practices, leadership training, coaching, mentoring, emotional release, mental fitness and success psychology training. To book in 90 minute session click here or for a 60 minute session click the button below.

Career Success Bundle

Career Success Bundle

If you want to be an all round superstar then this bundle brimming with tips, hacks and expertise is everything you need!

These 5 courses are included:

1. Handling Difficult Stakeholders

2. Leadership Mindset

3. Managing Stress

4. Personal Effectiveness

5. How to Position and Negotiate Value

This bundle packs a punch with it's incredible value for money!

Get Your Copy Today!

It's here! 

"Becoming An Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur"

In this book, leading experts and industry trailblazers share their own experiences of evolving their business growth mindsets and explain how you can achieve this too.

Dr Victoria Stakelum features within this compelling book with her inspiring chapter titled: Unlocking Your Success Mindset: A Blueprint for Female Entrepreneurs.

Grab your copy today!