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The Success Smith's Leadership expert, Dr Victoria Stakelum, has hosted her own radio show in the past and guest spoken on

various podcasts and social media 'lives'. Check them out here. 

Taking Back Monday
Recorded in May 2024

Dr Victoria Stakelum features on Alyssa Nolte's podcast, Taking Back Monday.

In this episode, I shared game-changing advice on creating alignment within yourself, your team, and your organisation. Learning how to foster a culture where everyone feels energised and motivated, understanding the importance of shared values, and discovering techniques to bring your team into alignment, even during challenging times.
Recorded in February 2024

Barry Lynch interviews Dr Victoria Stakelum for his The Mindset Pro Podcast

In this episode, we delved into my past and my first discovery of the world of #NLP, which opened up a whole new world to me. We also discussed entrepreneurs and how they hold themselves back and I explained my thoughts on the role of love and fear in success, plus so much more!

Mindset Pro Podcast
Cosmically You
Recorded in February 2024

Lou Hateley interviews Dr Victoria Stakelum for the Becoming Cosmically You Podcast

In this episode we discussed Dr Victoria's belief that to Succeed, you must first Heal. In addition to the importance of releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs which often keep people in procrastination, struggle, and un-manifested potential, plus so much more!

Recorded in January 2024

Lamaur Royster interviews Dr Victoria Stakelum for his podcast The Uncomfortable Truths

Topics covered: Mindfulness, NLP and the fascinating world of Quantum Physics.

Uncomfortable Truths Podcast
Recorded in October 2023

Victoria Evans welcomes Dr Victoria Stakelum onto her podcast, Weighing In On Happy

Topics covered: Understanding NLP, The Critical Faculty, Affirmations That Resonate, Unpacking Timeline Therapy, The Subconscious Mind’s Dual Role, The Perils of Negativity, The Real Pillars of Change, Value Dynamics and Bodily Signals.

Recorded in September 2023

Dr Victoria Stakelum speaks to The D2 Collective team

The D2 collective is a global, value-based membership community for all professionals working in tech. Their mission is to make the [tech] world feel closer through connection, experiences, and learning. They aim to spark meaningful connections among their members and to guide them through the ever-changing world of tech.⁠⁠⁠

In this conversation Dr Victoria sheds light on how aligning your subconscious can turbocharge your work life.

Recorded in May 2023

David Liddle, CEO and Chief Consultant of The TCM Group interviews Dr Victoria Stakelum

Topics covered: Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Influence, Energy Dynamics, Executive Presence Career Strategy, Psychology

Recorded in May 2023

Tune into 'Busting Through Life's Challenges with Di Parker' featuring Dr Victoria Stakelum

Topics covered: Journey into coaching, ways of working with clients, inspiration, singing talents and future plans for The Success Smith!

Dr Victoria Stakelum in the media

Are you a podcaster or journalist?

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to interview or have a conversation with Dr Victoria Stakelum on the following topics:

  • The Psychology of success, emotional freedom, mindset and manifestation.
  • Female leadership skillset and mindset - how women can achieve and succeed within top leadership positions.
  • Leadership and alignment within individuals and businesses for breakthrough performance and outcomes. 
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring for improved capability, confidence and performance.

Need an expert?

If you require a confident, capable and experienced speaker for an interview or for a discussion about the topics outlined on the left then don't hesitate to get in touch. Victoria would love to hear from you.