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The Life Transformation Programme

The Chrysalis

What would become possible for you if you could let go of fear, frustration, worry and self doubt? 

What would your life be like if you had the confidence, clarity and courage to transform the way you experience the situations and environments you move through? 

What if you have far more power to create a life you love, if only you knew how to connect to that power?

If you've ever had a niggling feeling of  "Surely, I’m destined for more than this" then the Chrysalis could be for you....

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Does this resonate?

To other people, your life looks fine - successful even.

But despite your apparently normal and pleasant life, you sometimes have a deep feeling of disconnection or unfulfilment. 

You don’t feel fulfilled by the way things are - it's as if you're 'getting by' rather than really living. And no matter how many successes, accolades or goals you achieve, that elusive feeling of happiness and fulfilment never quite seems to be available to you. 

Maybe it's that your energy or identity are muted somehow by the environment that you're in.

Perhaps painful or traumatic past experiences are somehow lurking unresolved and holding you back from your true passion and purpose?

Perhaps you're just bored and need something more from life?

Do you feel as though there's something else for you to go after... but you just don't know what "IT" is?!

Are you ready to start feeling more connected, energised and fulfilled in life?

What if you could completely transform your experience of life so that you felt happy, fulfilled and free of that old baggage?

What if all of a sudden you could wave a magic wand and have this veil of grey lifted, so you could turn your life into something that felt spectacular, fulfilling and happy? 

That just happens in films, right?!

You've spent years trying to creating stability and security in your life. It might be a little dull, but it keeps things safe and familiar.  

You can't risk throwing all of that away... can you? 

Is it possible to make a serious life change that fulfils you deeply AND allows you to feel safe, positive and happy? 

The Chrysalis tESTIMONIAL

Listen to Yasmine's experience of The Chrysalis...

"Before entering into The Chrysalis I felt like I had no direction… I had impostor syndrome… struggled with self-esteem, severe depression and anxiety… I wasn't getting growth opportunities at work.. I was definitely being overlooked. As a result of the Chrysalis I have learned to not just love myself but also to heal my inner child… my mom and and sister have described it as literally seeing me change from night to day.. it's been really wonderful to feel so grounded and to see physical manifestations of the changes that I have become being reflected at me. I feel so much more well equipped to face the world and the challenges ahead."

You can almost taste your potential but you feel as though you're stuck in the mud, and you can't move forward because you feel blocked, blinded or heavy. 
Do you want to...
The Chrysalis-1
The Chrysalis-1
The Chrysalis-1
The Chrysalis-1

Welcome to The Chrysalis. Here at The Success Smith, we are on a mission to help more people realise they have a choice to step into their power and potential, and to change their own lives.

The Chrysalis programme is a guided exploration through your deepest purpose, values and passions. 

It supports you to find and connect to your true and highest identity, and harness the power that lives there to recreate your life in the image and service of your best self, rather than the you that slogs, grafts and gets by.  

The metaphor is one of the caterpillar - it doesn’t know it’s true power and potential until it goes through that mysterious process of unravelling and flowing out of one form and into another.
It takes a special process of releasing itself from caterpillar structures and expectations before emerging as greatest self, full of beauty and the freedom to fly. 

Questions about The Chrysalis

The programme starts on Friday 13th September at 1.00 - 3.00pm BST. (Feeling superstitious? As you will learn in the programme, we create our own luck! So consider that Friday 13th is your lucky day from now on!)

We will meet fortnightly until the programme ends.

This incredible 6 month small-group NLP Coaching experience, amongst a cohort of carefully selected peers with similar integrity and ambitions to you is designed to unlock a major energetic breakthrough and release you into your full potential, alignment and fulfilment – it is designed to see you fly.

At the start...

  • Articulate both the purpose and vision of the life you will create.
  • Uncover and release those beliefs and energetic blocks that hold you back from achieving this. 

In the middle...

  • Address any emotional and energetic blocks -  working at both the conscious and subconscious levels of thinking.
  • Create complete alignment between your emotional and cognitive ways of being.
  • Explore your psychological beliefs and behaviour frameworks.

At the end...

  • Know your true purpose, have a clear path on how to achieve it, and be well underway in making your transformation a reality.


Hear what  some of our clients have to say about their experiences...


Iryna_you tube

"I was experiencing this internal conflict ... I just felt stuck, my mental well-being was suffering... nothing worked... I really appreciated a practical hands-on approach and thinking of how we can get there from when I finish the course...It definitely improves your relationship with your colleagues, with your partner, with friends and to be honest with yourself. The value that you get from it stretches into so many directions and I can definitely say that I’m a very different person."


Roberta_You tube

"What brought me to The Chrysalis is that I wanted to get out of my own way and allow myself to enjoy and be successful in whatever I choose to do.

It's very easy for somebody to say - that's come through the other side and it's a bit of a cliche “invest in you / in yourself” - but it really helped me when I saw it as an investment to move forward… To be better, to be able to earn what I want to earn, live how I want to live - that's how I justified the spend on myself. It is an investment, without investment you can't get the rewards or certainly you're not going to get the rewards as fast as you can with the programme."


“My biggest challenge was that I just felt stuck and I couldn't figure out what I was stuck about and what I needed to do... i just felt completely out of sync with my world... I just wanted to hide away. So much has changed as a result of doing The Chrysalis programme... the group was fantastic... I became "un-struggled" and found an amazing trust in myself.. exciting things have come as a result of participating in the programme... the process was great and had a lovely flow from start to finish. if you can commit to the time - do it - you will honestly not regret it! "


“I was feeling quite stuck… I felt there was something missing… I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I wanted to change…  I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs and was living automatically instead of on purpose… If challenges come up… I can overcome them… now I have the tools and resources to work through it… There's more excitement in what I do… I have built-in mechanisms to figure out how I can help myself through the next challenge… I think communication with people around me is better… I have more clarity.'


Amal Testimonial

"The challenges that brought me to The Chrysalis were speaking up and having confidence… Imposter Syndrome was loud and taking over my day-to-day life… I did burnout in the past… knowing how to prioritise ‘me’ was something that I needed to learn… I’d overwork myself to the point of not having any energy physically and emotionally. From the program I realised what I want to do and what is important to me… it's a safe environment… an investment that you do for yourself and self-care… so I would definitely say go ahead.”


Karen Testimonial_Chrysalis-1

“The biggest challenge was myself and the patterns of behaviour that I adopted from Early Childhood… insecurities… resentment, high anxiety… internalizing lots of pain. A lot of stifling in my life has resulted in illness physical illness, exhaustion, paranoia. What's changed as a result of this program is I'm much more peaceful, I like myself… I'm much more measured and I have absolutely reduce my anxieties…”


"I signed up to the Chrysalis thinking it was a career-focused female empowerment programme, I was delighted to discover that it addressed whole life, identity and vision.

My objectives were to gain clarity on where my life was going. Finding myself at mid-life after a difficult period of failed IVFs, miscarriage, childlessness and surgically-induced menopause, I was directionless and suffering.

Because the programme takes place over six months, I had time to slowly, gently, gradually feel safer in my body and be supported to come back to life. Spending regular time with a compassionate peer group, with reflective homework, tools and the time to apply and learn from techniques (versus just reading about them), was the gamechanger for me. Victoria is a master coach and with a supportive group, I gradually began to find some light again, culminating in a personal vision – best of all I had the time and sounding boards to try on several different iterations, until I found the best version that fits this stage of my life.

Many one-off workshops help for a week or a month but the impact wears off. I write this testimonial four months since the programme ended, I still feel the benefits, peace, clarity and quiet energy from it that drive my life forward now with purpose and intention, and less effort because the confusing questions have lifted.  

My husband reports less tears, that I’ve grown stronger and have more joie de vivre!

Thank you Victoria!"


Want to know more?

If you're interested and would like to have further details about The Chrysalis programme then feel free to book in a call with Victoria who will be happy to chat through the programme and answer any questions you may have.

Let's chat!

Book in a call to have a chat with Victoria at a time and date that's convenient for you. 


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