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Mindset, Transformation and NLP

The Success Smith has two programmes which cater to professional and personal life transformation and reset.

The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis

The Life Transformation Programme.

You can feel it in your gut. Like a stone sitting in the pit of your stomach. Something isn’t quite right. You don't completely hate the way things are in your life, but you have a niggling feeling of unrest that just won't go away…

You can't help but think, I’m destined for more. 

The Success Smith Timeline Therapy

Personal Power

A Transformational Mindset and Emotion Release Programme.

Do you ever feel stuck? Like some invisible weight is dragging you down? Or something within you keeps bringing you back to the same problems, the same loop, the same feelings of frustration and fear?

The Chrysalis is for those who wish to work on their mindset, manifestation and achieve life transformation.

Personal Power is for those who wish to release deeply held latent trauma, limiting beliefs, emotional baggage and negative emotions.

Watch my video where I explain this, you can find this here.


We're beyond excited to announce the launch of The Success Smith's Oracle Cards.

This beautiful deck of Oracle Cards will be available for your daily hit of guidance and enable you to access your deep inner wisdom.

If you want to be among the first to snap up your own deck, then move quickly as there's only a small quantity and it's first come, first served!

You may be interested to hear that we also have an incredible digital version of these cards. Curious? Find out more through the button below!




Hear what others have to say



"I was experiencing this internal conflict ... I just felt stuck, my mental well-being was suffering... nothing worked... I really appreciated a practical hands-on approach and thinking of how we can get there from when I finish the course...It definitely improves your relationship with your colleagues, with your partner, with friends and to be honest with yourself. The value that you get from it stretches into so many directions and I can definitely say that I’m a very different person."



"What brought me to The Chrysalis is that I wanted to get out of my own way and allow myself to enjoy and be successful in whatever I choose to do.

It's very easy for somebody to say - that's come through the other side and it's a bit of a cliche “invest in you / in yourself” - but it really helped me when I saw it as an investment to move forward… To be better, to be able to earn what I want to earn, live how I want to live - that's how I justified the spend on myself. It is an investment, without investment you can't get the rewards or certainly you're not going to get the rewards as fast as you can with the programme."

Karen Testimonial_Chrysalis


“The biggest challenge was myself and the patterns of behaviour that I adopted from Early Childhood… insecurities… resentment, high anxiety internalising lots of pain. A lot of stifling in my life has resulted in illness physical illness, exhaustion, paranoia. What's changed as a result of this program is I'm much more peaceful, I like myself… I'm much more measured and I have absolutely reduce my anxieties…”



"Before entering into The Chrysalis I felt like I had no direction… I had impostor syndrome… struggled with self-esteem, severe depression and anxiety… I wasn't getting growth opportunities at work.. I was definitely being overlooked. As a result of the Chrysalis I have learned to not just love myself but also to heal my inner child… my mom and and sister have described it as literally seeing me change from night to day.. it's been really wonderful to feel so grounded and to see physical manifestations of the changes that I have become being reflected at me. I feel so much more well equipped to face the world and the challenges ahead."



“My biggest challenge was that I just felt stuck and I couldn't figure out what I was stuck about and what I needed to do... i just felt completely out of sync with my world... I just wanted to hide away. So much has changed as a result of doing The Chrysalis programme... the group was fantastic... I became "un-struggled" and found an amazing trust in myself.. exciting things have come as a result of participating in the programme... the process was great and had a lovely flow from start to finish. if you can commit to the time - do it - you will honestly not regret it! "

Amal Testimonial


"The challenges that brought me to The Chrysalis were speaking up and having confidence… Imposter Syndrome was loud and taking over my day-to-day life… I did burnout in the past… knowing how to prioritise ‘me’ was something that I needed to learn… I’d overwork myself to the point of not having any energy physically and emotionally. From the program I realised what I want to do and what is important to me… it's a safe environment… an investment that you do for yourself and self-care… so I would definitely say go ahead.”


Want to manifest the life you desire?

Don't let your manifestation blocks keep you from living your best life. Take the "Unleash Your Power and Get Unstuck" quiz now and unlock your true potential.


Your Step by Step guide to Meditation

Discover the transformative power of meditation and how it can benefit your personal and professional life.


Learn all about NLP and Timeline Therapy

Watch Dr Victoria Stakelum explain what NLP is and determine whether this might be of interest to you.

Are you Emotionally Blocked?

Have you ever felt like you're locked into a situation or maybe an emotional response to something that keeps happening to you. Discover how to break the pattern.


Want to know more?

If you're interested to find out more about how these processes work and how I can support you to get unstuck using the power of your subconscious, I have a number of useful resources and free information simply click here.

Need more support?

"As an NLP Master, I often support clients to release their blocks by working in this way, helping shift the physical expression of the block at the subconscious level, so that it can be released."

If you'd like an informal discussion about what you're struggling with please get in touch.