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Welcome to The Success Smith

Dr Victoria Stakelum
Award Winning

Dr Victoria Stakelum

Victoria is an International NLP Master Coach, Psychologist and Leadership Expert. 

"My journey with NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) began in 2001 when I was lucky enough to be trained in NLP as part of a graduate scheme. It was only upon revisiting my NLP Practitioner Certification in 2019 that I realised what a huge part these techniques had played in my life, leadership career and success!"

Those successes include:
  • Being appointed as a Global Strategy Director, Executive Shareholder and Deputy CEO, before her 40th birthday and usually as the only woman at the leadership table. 
  • Being awarded an Honorary Doctorate for her role in launching the groundbreaking Arden University - an organisation that she led from a loss making £6m turnover business to a £35m success story. 
  • Relocating her family from the UK to rural Ireland to enjoy a more spacious, fulfilling and flexible life growing veggies and keeping chickens
  • Starting a successful international Coaching and Therapy business in complete fulfilment and alignment to her life's purpose - to help others unlock their true potential for freedom and fulfilment
  • Being awarded a place on 'The Break' Fellowship - an EU initiative to nurture entrepreneurialism in women.
Working Holistically

My Secret Weapon

"My secret weapon in creating success on my own terms, including balancing those senior leadership positions with life being a Mum to three young kids - was the practice of Mindfulness. During my corporate years I only managed a daily meditation of 15 minutes or so, but that had a transformative effect on my executive presence, composure and ability to manage pressure. 

Since then, I have gone on to both research mindfulness as well as significantly deepen my own experience of it, through adopting the Vipassana tradition of mindfulness practice into my life. I'm always happy to chat about the role such practices can have in the creation of success - feel free to book a chat with me if you'd like to learn more!"
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Building Success

The Success Smith

Since leaving Arden University and relocating to rural Ireland during the lockdown of 2020, Victoria has launched her own successful business 'The Success Smith', where she combines her own experience of top leadership and strategic development with her formal training as NLP Master Coach, Psychologist and Energy Healer. 

She couples integrity driven NLP, Therapy and Coaching modalities with an exceptional capability for supporting business leaders, teams and individuals. The end result is a transformational experience in which her clients create growth and unlock success - often against the odds – and with their integrity and energy intact - just like she did when she was in their shoes.  
Dr Victoria Stakelum in the media
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Our expertise at your fingertips

The Success Smith covers the following topics through masterclasses, programmes, blog articles, consulting, free resources and social media:

  • The Psychology of success, emotional freedom, mindset and manifestation.
  • Female leadership skillset and mindset - how women can achieve and succeed within top leadership positions.
  • Leadership and alignment within individuals and businesses for breakthrough performance and outcomes. 
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring for improved capability, confidence and performance.


Need an expert?

If you require a confident, capable and experienced speaker to deliver a motivational and impactful speech, or presentation, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Victoria would love to hear from you.


Multi award winning, Dr Victoria Stakelum combines a unique mix of qualifications, tools and modalities at the highest level which are utilised and tailored to meet your needs. 
International Coaching & Therapy CEO

Influential Businesswoman Awards 2024

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded the winner of 'International Coaching & Therapy CEO' in the Influential Businesswoman Awards in 2024.

Executive Coach of the Year - UK -Corp America

Corporate America Today Annual Awards 2024

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded the winner of 'Executive Coach of the Year - UK' in the Corporate America Today Annual Awards 2024.

Global 100 (1)

Global 100 Awards 2024

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded winner of the 'Education Innovators Award - 2024' in the category of Mentorship Maven Award - 2024 Education Innovators Award presented by Global 100.


Lawyer International's Legal 100 Awards

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded winner of 'Executive Coach of the Year 2024' in Lawyer International's Legal 100 2024 Awards.

Global 100

Global 100 Awards 2023

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded winner of 'Executive Coach of the Year 2023' in the Global 100 Awards presented by EMG Publishing.



Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded winner of 'Most Empowering Mindset Coach' in the eighth Influential Businesswoman Awards led by Acquisition International Magazine.


CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Dr Victoria Stakelum was awarded winner of 'Mental Fitness Coaching 2023' in the third CEO of the Year Awards led by CEO Monthly.

the break

The Break Fellowship 2023

Dr Victoria Stakelum was selected to take part in The Break fellowship programme in 2023. Funded by the European Union, this acceleration programme helps female entrepreneurs towards their business goals. 'Breakers' collaborate with like minded women and meaningfully support the local community. 



Master's Qualified Psychologist

With a specialist research interest in the neuroscience and social effects of mindfulness, Victoria was awarded a Distinction in Psychology by Arden University, Accredited by the British Psychological Society.


I Am Remarkable Facilitator

Victoria has facilitated over 300 people through the #IamRemarkable experience, and receives an average feedback rating of 4.8/5. She has been a Platinum tier facilitator since 2022. Get in touch if you would be interested in having a #IaR workshop delivered in your workplace. 


Leadership Coaching

With a 20 year background in corporate leadership and a passion for developing high integrity and impactful leadership in others, Victoria brings deep lived experience and insight to her leadership coaching practice. 

Chartered Institute of Marketing

With over a decade of Chartered Marketer status, Victoria knows strategy and commerical leadership inside and out, and can mentor commercial leaders as well as coach them. 


Master NLP Coach

Having originally trained in NLP in 2001, Victoria re-certified as an NLP Practitioner in 2020 with 'The Coaching Academy' and went on to receive her Master NLP Coach Certification from Beyond Coaching in 2022. She is a member of the ANLP. 

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence Coaching

Victoria uses the PQ Coach approach  (founded in the heavily researched Positive Intelligence operating system) as required with clients, and is able to enrol clients into the 6 week Positive Intelligence experience. Find out more about Positive Intelligence and PQ here.

Hypnotherapy (2)

Master Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist

Victoria began exploring more subconscious approaches to releasing emotional blocks during 2021 and Certified as a Master Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Association during 2021 and 2022.
Pranic Healing

Energy Healing

Victoria trainer with the Institute of Pranic Healing during 2020 and became accredited in delivering Pranic Healing in person and at distance. She works intuitively to incorporate healing modalities into her Timeline Therapy release work and some NLP work depending on the needs and requirements of the client. 


Breath Work Coach

Breath and how we use it can be a powerful mechanism for managing personal energy, stress, sleep and emotions. I regularly incorporate breathwork into the programmes I deliver to clients, simply because it is such a powerful, simple and rapid means to improve lives! 



All of the NLP Coaching conducted by Dr Victoria and The Success Smith aligns to the ANLP code of conduct and ethics. 



EQ & Team Dynamics

DISC profiling and 360 degree feedback for team and individual effectiveness and the keys to team success; engagement, personal development, improved communication and emotional intelligence development.


The CPD Group

The Success Smith is an accredited provider of CPD. Accredited With The CPD Group   CPD Provider Number #781275