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A Transformational Mindset and Emotion Release Programme

Personal Power

Do you ever feel stuck? Like some invisible weight is dragging you down?

Or something within you keeps bringing you back to the same problems, the same loop, the same feelings of frustration and fear?

Do any of the following show up for you?

  • You find it hard to set clear boundaries and get taken advantage of.
  • Loops keep playing out in your career or in your private life.
  • You have a distinct feeling of 'dis-ease' - presenting itself as physical symptoms of illness or low energy or just a feeling that something isn't quite right (but you can't put your finger on what the problem is).
  • You find it hard to make decisions, second guess yourself a lot or procrastinate and drift.
  • You feel that you have greater potential within you, but you struggle to reach it.
  • You are plagued by debilitating anxiety or negative thought patterns that hold you back and block you from reaching your potential.
  • Your identity is fragile or conflicted - you worry that if you take away that identity of Mum (or Dad), Wife (or husband), or Professional you really wouldn't know who you are. 
  • You have done lots of work through personal development and therapy but somehow you can't quite shake the events of the past that have shaped you or the habits that hold you back from a future you'd love to create. 

The Personal Power programme will guide you through a deeply reflective and transformative personal change process that opens up a world of possibilities.

The Success smith Timeline Therapy
Learn to live with ease, clarity and alignment for more success, energy and fulfilment.

Release yourself from the baggage of the past, shift stuck emotions from your deepest level of being and reconnect with your most free, energised and confident self. 

At the Success Smith, we know that no matter how hard we are working on our conscious thoughts and beliefs, unless we can create a shift at the subconscious level, we are always fighting the tide.  

That's why Dr Victoria combines a powerful set of skills in Psychology and Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing and Integrated Therapy, to guide you through extraordinary changes in your clarity, capability, confidence and resourcefulness. 


Want to learn more?

Watch these videos to have a better understanding of the expertise and experience you will receive in the Personal Power programme.

Time Line Therapy Explained

A 5 minute explanation of what Timeline Therapy is and why it is so powerful. 

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Discover how the process works

A short video to give you a feel for what you can expect from the process.